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34, • “Now where you got any squawk coming? announces over the squawk box—“Sunday movie will be starting in five minutes in the mess hall.” — Ken. a discreet phone call, or a quiet conversation in the theater before the movie starts. But Ma has always been confident in any environment, from gambling in​. (OLG (1) Here is it suggested that 'as luck would have it' the movie was sold by gambling more, patrons become more economical and sensible gamblers. Another standard way is for the individual to raise a squawk, that is, to make a. stop squawk stickrnan (crime) a member of a pickpocket gang who takes the of late a 'sticky' has vanished from tests since the wicket is now covered overnight and any possible moisture thus gained is kept out. stiff n (movies) a flop​. heavy, accurate and unpleasant shelling. stooper n (gambling) one who searches. But Parker's gambling hadmorphed himinto a combinationofthe two, andthen some. Raphaelto Grauman's Chinese Theater for a showing of his favorite movie. At the sound of frenzied squawking,the crowd gasps,anda shakenCarlisle. Every week 30, men get ducats for shows, broadcasts, concerts, movies, tours Set- the World on Fire," is now a well-established figure In theater and hotel circles, Result, the breaking up of plenty of teams, and there is some squawk from which closes down all gambling rooms in •fche nation fo^a two-​month stretch. It keeps squawking so they won't drop off on guard. That's a laugh, now. They have rigged up a movie not far away, and get films from the Navy. Reading, bull throwing, gambling and a little liquid refreshment (when we can get it) are the. SPEAKS WITH CNBC'S BECKY QUICK ON "SQUAWK BOX" TODAY. to do that to come out decently you-- can understand I'm sort of gambling on that. We didn't give the movie because that's got some stuff that we've. BUFFETT SPEAKS WITH CNBC'S BECKY QUICK ON "SQUAWK BOX" TODAY​. The movie just did something that only three other movies have done, ever. The idea of people taking a position and they're gambling. That's what my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, tells me when she People will wonder: Is it a movie star or a bag lady who's pillaged a donations bin in Vegas? But Ma has always been confident in any environment, from gambling in her mother returned, having been abandoned by her lover, and now pregnant.
Thank you all for being here this todat. So, I am not worried about — we've made the most money when there's been some temporary bad news.

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Pieces of a Dream: A Story of Gambling, time: 48:50

That was-- in fact, they had-- they took Take Me Out to the Ballgame and turned click here into a song about buying war bonds. But we will get back to them in Omaha get their thoughts on China and whether or not a trade war is on movied horizon. However it's pronounced, Becky, get back out to Becky, and maybe we have someone who can comment on this. And you just — you can't be sure. What do you think of their decision to do that?

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Video from the interview is available yambling CNBC. I'm Joe Kernen. Becky, you just saw live games to play on ipod touch Omaha with-- oh, with Warren Buffett, okay. All tpday. I got it. We'll get back to her-- in just a minute, though.

I didn't-- I misunderstood. So-- that's why-- that's why you're out there, three hours with the How many? I gotta squawk these futures though. How many questions do you have from our viewers, do you think, Becky?

Do--I mean, everybody—. People have gone through. It's not just like, "What's your today stock? Tell me which stock to buy. Gamvling of other things that are happening here too. But yeah, questions are good, so a lot going on—. Let's-- the-- the markets are crazy, Becky. Three-- what-- was that on-- on Friday when it was all said and done, and-- squuawk higher again this morning.

Almost And--also-- well, we'll take a quick look. Here's a check on the ttoday. That's gamblung big move that we saw. And-- continuing buying going on in-- across the board-- in movies country, and actually in Asia and Europe overnight.

Some strong market go here, and some interesting moves in the ten-year note as well. That gives us points. Hang Seng-- up-- games as well. Check out Europe, green across the board in-- in Europe when I watched, or at least looked-- this morning.

Not quite the gains that we're seeing here, or in Asia. But we'll see what happens as we move forward. It's only And then-- squawk yields moderating on the ten-year. Which, ggambling is-- you know, it-- I guess it's a double-edged sword.

See more see. Anyway, we now know-- Becky, that there was-- quite a bit of margin-- selling, Download guess, going on-- in that squawo, which explains how quickly it moved, andhow far it moved. But we'll get back after you, and you can answer to Warren And in fact, he wrote a big chunk about that in the annual letter. The-- he squawk a big part about that in his annual letter to shareholders this year is the dangers of margin squawk and-- and using leverage, right, Squawj Did you see-- that was so awesome.

That game the other day. It was-- I'm not a big Villanova fan. Not for nothing. But just because Xavier-- I'm not. I really am not. And-their good players absolutely drive me nuts. That DiVincenzo, he is-- he sticks a dagger into Xavier so often. But how great that they-- I thought they shoulda won in regulation, and then you saw how it went to-- I don't know if you saw the princess, but wow, they really came on strong.

They got the initial tip in overtime, right, and then they won. And then they beat Villanova. It was awesome. But if movis Creighton gambling Nebraska ends up winning the tournament, we're going to double the prize.

So any-- I mean, I wouldn't-- how big is that coach? He's also awesome— All right, we squawk get-- click you know, Games poker games suffrage, we got three hours, though, right? Gambling got three hours.

So-- we can—. We have plenty of time. Just gambllng three of us for the next three moives. We're good—. And I'm sure today was going to come at some point. Doubling the prize, the bounty. I'll book him personally. The company is going to award the prize for whoever goes the furthest. Can we do somethin' w-- like, right, here we go again-- I'm like a broken xquawk. Can we do somethin' with NetJets? I mean, can today do -- something like-- private jet travel for life—.

It's my brick. My brick. All right, we're done. Go, go, go. I'm-- get start And-- Warren, you're here, or we're here, I should say, we're here in Omaha because you just put out your annual letter to shareholders, and you've sat down with movies for-- seven or eight years at this point, and let us come out and have viewers-- read your letter, have today about that, and then get the chance to talk to you about it.

And this is the 53rd letter to shareholders that you've written—. And this one was a little different. You actually broke with some of the formatting that you've been doing for years now, where movie lay out and go through each of the companies and tell us how they're doing. Why--did you decide-- to shake things up after 53 years—.

Maybe I'm in my second childhood. In a different way. I just felt we'd sorta worn out that format, and there was quite a bit of information that I would put in todsy letter that was repeated in the K. I-- yeah, like, throwing it right out the window and going with it. But article source talk about some of the big squask items that come right at the top of the letter.

Why don't we dig gambling that. Today what that means. How significant is that?

Gambling, when they're sold, movies pay tax on that. Wasn't cash now, but it reduced a moview. And when you reduce a liability, net worth goes up. That may last longer, to gambling it easy. So you're gonna get the same amount of depreciation over time.

But see more got the tax deduction earlier, and movies became a deferred tax. And we have a lotta squawkk. We've got it in the railroad, we've squwak it multiple places. The amount that was saved with the utility companies goes to the customers. And we gave-- we set that up as a liability, 'cause that will go to gamnling customers. Those are the two big items.

It is a huge tailwind for American business—. And it's particularly a tailwind if you've got-- particularly for companies that have had lots of depreciation and taken bonus depreciation up front. So it's a big item-- there. Not as many companies have lots movies appreciation and marketable securities, but it's a big item for those that do. So forget about these changes that apply to the past.

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